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Budget Recipes and
Cheap Dinner Ideas

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, barbecues are grilling… Summer’s here!
If you’re looking for simple recipes packed with vibrant summer flavours for all the family,
you’ve landed in the right place. Discover our top tips and budget-friendly meal ideas
that’ll keep your wallet in check!

Energy saving Meals                Budget recipes                Food waste tips

Energy saving meals

While the warmer weather means that you probably aren’t using as much energy, it’s still
important to keep an eye on your energy use. An easy way to save a bit of money is to switch
to energy savvy appliances like slow cookers and air fryers. Perfect for stretching your budget
and batch cooking, our stress-free slow cooker recipes and one pot wonders are not only
tasty but they’re time and energy saving too.


One Pot Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipes

Air Fryer Recipes

Microwave Recipes


  Try something new this week! 

Are you looking to celebrate Summer without sending your bank
account into a frenzy? Our budget-friendly recipes from
@Cardiff.Mum won’t ruin your wallet.

Say goodbye to tasteless meals and complicated, expensive recipes!
We’ve teamed up with social media food sensation, MOB to show
how you can whip up easy and affordable dishes full of flavour.

Five ingredients, stacks of flavour

Save time and money with these deliciously easy meals, made from just 5 ingredients.

Savour the taste of summer with these Halloumi & Asparagus
Kebabs; a perfect blend of grilled salty cheese and tender greens,
ideal for your next BBQ!

Made with puff pastry, chicken breast and zesty lemon veggies,
the family will love unwrapping the flavour.


Budget doesn't mean boring

Think about using more wallet-friendly cuts of meat, such as chicken thighs or
sausages, in your weekly meals for all the flavour without the expense, while pasta
is a cheap, convenient and budget-friendly choice (and, if you switch to
whole wheat, healthier!).

Marinated Tandoori
Chicken Legs

Tuna Pasta Bake

Pork & Spinach
Gnocchi with Peppers,
Tomato & Chilli

Maple Black Pepper
Pork Belly with
Creamy Potato Salad

Save money when cooking

Fill up your weekly shop with cupboard friendly favourites such as tinned tuna, tinned
beans and pulses (such as chickpeas, kidney beans and cannellini beans) and tinned
sweetcorn. Or maybe think about cooking using one pot or a slow cooker, which will save
you money on your energy bills!

One Pot Lasagne Soup

Tuna and Pistachio
Quinoa Salad

Italian Sausage
Rice Bake

Slow Cooker Red Thai
Coconut Chicken Noodles


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every price is an Aldi price.

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Food Waste Tips

Enjoy more taste and less waste with helpful ways to make the most of your weekly
shop and care for the environment.

• Place food that’s next to expire at the front of your fridge to remind you to use it next.

• Buy easily perishable foods, like fresh fruit and herbs, in smaller quantities to reduce food waste
  • Add your weekly meal plan to the fridge so everyone knows what needs to be eaten when.

  • Let people plate up their own meals to account for how hungry they are, avoiding portion sizes too big to be finished.
  • If you only want to eat half the contents of pre-packaged food, add the rest to a Tupperware to keep in the fridge until needed

  • Look out for refill options in store for essentials such as nuts, cereal, coffee and granola

  • Make sure to recycle single use packaging
  • Create a shopping list based on your planned meals and aim to stick to it

  • Avoid shopping when you’re ravenous to avoid impulse pick-ups and bulk buying
•  Transform roast chicken leftoverds to create a delicious broth or homemade stock

•  Add leftover veg peels, stems and other food scraps to your compost 
  • Revive stale bread to create croutons, stuffing or a breadcrumb topper for pasta bakes

  • Love your leftovers and use as tasty lunches to take to work or school.
• Check the best before dates on your food before creating a weekly meal plan to make sure you use up those perishable ingredients in time.
• Divide large packs of meat into zip lock bags and freeze until needed for a quick mid-week meal.
  • In easy terms, ‘use by’ is a deadline and ‘best before’ is a guidance
  • Can also check quality of food by inspecting for mould, discolouration, sours smells and texture changes such as with soggy stale biscuits.