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Feast your eyes on Aldi’s gob stopping 2023 range of festive centrepieces,
sumptuous sauces and sensational sides. Whether you wanted a glazed Christmas
ham glorious Christmas gammon, ravishing roast chicken or a sensational
Christmas salmon, you wowed the table with a surprising centrepiece during
Christmas 2023. Check back soon for our amazing Christmas 2024 meats!


How to make the perfect crispy pork crackling

Score the rind (not the meat) of your pork joint in 1cm sections with a very sharp knife. 
Pour boiling water over the joint to shrink the skin and dry it well with a paper towel. Pop
the joint in the fridge, uncovered, for up to 2 days to dry the skin.

Mix together a tablespoon of
rapeseed oil, lemon juice and
coarse salt for the perfect base.

From garlic granules, chilli
powder and ground black
pepper to smoked paprika, get
creative with flavour!

Carefully work your meat rub
creation into all of the cuts for
gloriously puffed up and
crispy skin.

Roast your joint for 20-30
minutes at 240°C/Gas Mark 9
then reduce to 180°C/Gas Mark
4 and cook for the calculated
weight time.


Scrumptious meat recipes

Whether you’re looking to roast up your favourite meats like beef, pork, lamb,
gammon or poultry or serve up a spectacular seafood dish, our marvellous range
of recipes will help you create the most remarkable day.



Delightful homemade Christmas sauces

Add some extra special flavour to the most awaited meal of the year with a sweet
or savoury side sauce you can whip up in your kitchen!

A rich red wine gravy with meat
juices, Worcestershire sauce, soy
sauce and tomato purée.

A deliciously rich and creamy
sauce mixed with a kick of

Gravy, but not as you know it! This
astounding sauce tastes great
with beef and lamb.

Essential when prepping a prawn
cocktail, this easy sauce is the
perfect catch for seafood.

A world of pure celebration