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Mains (109)

Potato Pancakes with BBQ Beans and Smoked Cheese
DifficultyEasyTotal time40 min Serves4
Chicken Provencal and Vegetable Stew
DifficultyEasyTotal time60 min Serves4
Poke Bowl
DifficultyEasyTotal time25 min Serves4

Lunch (11)

Steak Som Tam Salad
DifficultyEasyTotal time45 min Serves2
Savoury Hong Kong-Style French Toast
DifficultyEasyTotal time25 min Serves4
Fish Finger Katsu Sandwich
DifficultyEasyTotal time30 min Serves2

Breakfast (2)

Porridge ‘Super Food Porridge’ Recipe
DifficultyEasyTotal time6 min Serves1
Hot Cross Bun Croque Monsieur Recipe
DifficultyEasyTotal time10 min Serves4

Desserts (11)

Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies
DifficultyEasyTotal time40 min Serves15
Nutoka Marmalade Orange Pancakes
DifficultyEasyTotal time40 min Serves4
Flower Cake Pops
DifficultyEasyTotal time60 min Serves12

Starters (6)

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Pastry Recipe
DifficultyEasyTotal time25 min Serves6
Creamy Spiced Chickpea Soup with Coconut & Lime Recipe
DifficultyModerateTotal time50 min Serves6
Chicken and Sweetcorn Noodle Soup Recipe
DifficultyEasyTotal time40 min Serves4

Drinks (1)

Gin Mojitos
DifficultyEasyTotal time5 min Serves2

Sides (3)

Dirty Katsu Halloumi Fries Recipe
DifficultyModerateTotal time40 min Serves4
Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob Recipe
DifficultyEasyTotal time30 min Serves4
Garlic Pizza Bread
DifficultyModerateTotal time47 min Serves4

Snacks (2)

Air Fryer Banana Chips Recipe
DifficultyEasyTotal time25 min Serves2
Air Fried Popcorn Prawns with Burnt Chilli Mayo Recipe
DifficultyModerateTotal time45 min Serves4